Apple CEO Tim Cook Pushing To Launch First Mixed-Reality Device This Year

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Apple is gearing up to join the mixed-reality device market, with the release of their first mixed-reality headset device this year. According to the Financial Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook ordered the release of the device this year, against the will of Apple’s famed design team. From FT’s report, insiders are said to have preferred the idea of a future launch with more streamlined technology. Allegedly, Tim Cook’s decision was to start this year with a public release, and to reiterate the device until it reaches that point.

It has been a while since Apple entered a new computing market. The world of AR and VR has been in turmoil as of late, with huge Meta layoffs, as well as Tencent’s foray into VR being swiftly scrapped amid declining interest. Apple’s plans are to join with a headset device that can do FaceTime calls, realistic 3D videos and more.

Cook has made his mark on Apple, but none quite as significant as the legendary iPhone.

The decision to release this year is a significant one, as it’s seen as a part of Tim Cook’s legacy, the Financial Times reports. Cook has been CEO of Apple since way back in 2011, passing the decade mark in his leadership. Apple has been rising, with Mac sales surging 40% year-on-year, as well as recently having the largest iPhone market share ever during Q4 of 2022.

Despite this success, original inventions have been less prominent under Cook. It will be very tough to reach the heights of the iPhone as experienced by the late Steve Jobs, but Cook, as well as operations chief Jeff Williams, are set on seeing what the mixed-reality device can do for the company.

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