ChatGPT Combats Academic Cheating With New AI Detection Tool

ChatGPT went viral with its ability to answer complex and specific questions. The downside of this tool however is its use by students, specifically those studying at high school and college level. As reported by AP News, schools have been moving to block access to the tool to protect the integrity of grades and ensure there’s no AI-based plagiarism. Now however, ChatGPT makers OpenAI have introduced the new AI Text Classifier tool.

The AI Text Classifier tool is not foolproof, but it’s new and improving over time, much like ChatGPT itself. In an introductory blog post, OpenAI claims that, in their own evaluations, the AI Text Classifier was able to detect 26% of AI-written text with a true positive, compared to 9% of incorrectly labelled false positives. The reliability of the classifier increased as the length of the text being input also increased.

The blog post concludes with the message that “our [OpenAI’s] work on the detection of AI-generated text will continue, and we hope to share improved methods in the future.” There is even a feedback form available for those working in academia, as well as parents and students, to voice their feedback on how the tool and the ChatGPT AI are affecting studies in schools.

ChatGPT is so effective that outlets like BuzzFeed are even going to use it to supplement their work, resulting in a layoff of staff at the company. We’re clearly entering uncharted waters in the power of chatbot AI programmes, so we’re sure to see lots of changes and new counter tools along the way.

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