US Govt Could Bail Musk Out Of Twitter Deal

Elon Musk attempted to terminate his deal to purchase Twitter due to an excess of bots. This claim was denied both by Twitter and his own data scientists, forcing a judge to rule that a mutual deal must be arranged between Twitter or Musk by next Friday Oct. 28, or legal proceedings would continue. Musk may have a new escape route out of the deal though, as Bloomberg reports that the Biden administration could block the deal over concerns for national security.

The reports have been noticed by Musk, who responded to a tweet calling the potential blocking of the deal “hilarious” with a 100% emoji and a laughing face. Musk would likely be glad for government intervention, given his earlier attempts to back out of the deal. Musk’s enormous purchase is considered by experts to be a huge overpayment for what the social media site is actually worth.

The administration of President Biden get their concerns from a series of Musk’s recent tweets. He has suggested that Crimea should not be reclaimed from Russia for fear of nuclear conflict, and doubts that the removal of Putin from power would change anything. His soft approach to Russia worries US government officials that his ownership of Twitter, which 20% of the American population uses, could result in the sale of data to Russians.

Whether the government would be able to interfere is another story. They will need to find formal reasons for the blocking of the deal, with appropriate legal policies that can be used to justify the intervention. In other news, it’s possible that if the deal does close that Twitter will cut 75% of its workforce, as we reported. We will be sure to bring you these updates should the deal fall through or close by next Friday.

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