Welcome To TeqLuster! The Latest Venture From Luster Network

Luster Network is best known for GameLuster, a hub of breaking news, reviews and guides for the latest games. The GameLuster team is passionate about gaming, but our love goes beyond the medium. Like any great sequel that manages to capture the magic of the original, FlickLuster followed and was created to bring the latest movie news, reported by the talented team of Luster writers. We’ve decided it’s time to once again broaden the scope and take a look at the thing that powers the modern media we love – tech.

TeqLuster aims to take the journalistic skills cultivated in other Luster projects and serve quality reporting on the evolving world of technology. Our lives become increasingly dependent on tech as humanity continues into a historical era defined by itself, and we’re here to follow every step of the journey. We’ll be bringing the latest tech news with our distinct writing style, guides to set up your latest device with personalised tips and tricks, and some deep dives into the topics that dominate our times.

We’re still getting set up, so we hope you will excuse the mess. The site will be changing as we learn, and we hope you will share your feedback to shape us into the future. We plan on first refreshing our logo and site design to match Luster’s usual shimmering standards, but we’re so excited to share news with you we just had to get started with a placeholder. We’re not ran by shareholders or businessmen, so right now we’re prioritizing the delivery of stories to our readers, and planting the seeds for our growth.

We hope you’ll stick with us along the way!

With appreciation and anticipation,

The Luster Team.

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About Bobby Kent

Bobby is a writer for Luster Network based in Manchester, UK. He also freelances for other, less cool sites. Although his motor disability inspires him to write about accessibility, he also loves covering industry news, sharing opinions and more. Follow me on Twitter below, and reach out via email at bobby@gameluster.com!

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